We gathered together in Thailand to discuss the overall journey of our project, Youth in Action for the Sustainable Development Goals, the positive and negative things, the youth workers’ local projects and aspects that could’ve been improved. The coordinating team (A.C.T.O.R.) also showcased the present situation, the Guide and the dedicated platform. We went through the content and explained how and why it was created and also asked for feedback. the participants responded by saying the guide looked very good and that they want to read it in detail.


Afterwards, with some of the project’s results in mind, we tried to create an activity through which the participants would come up with different ideas of how to promote those results. Examples: Interactive open day in youth centers (on a local level), Local paper, Info graphic (statistics about the project), Interview people etc.

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The hosting organization proposed to the participants a visit to a working place of their hosted volunteers. The participants had the chance to understand direct concrete information about the local realities and cultural traditions.


Another interesting session was a brainstorming on the idea of developing new follow-up projects on the Sustainable Development Goals in Erasmus Capacity Building. This was about putting all sorts of suggestions for independent projects or future collaboration, emphasizing on the fact that any crazy idea can be put on the flip chart, because in this way we can sort out and identify the innovative aspect of what the participants have proposed.

The discussion was open and it started to take shape on 3 possible directions:

  1. Extending the SDG for: South America, Africa.
  2. Entrepreneurship.
  3. Gamification of the Sustainable Development Goals.


In our try to include the last two points (entrepreneurship, gamification) we came with the idea of developing a mobile application (name: SDGo) that would empower young people to apply their SDG related project proposals. The main argument was that young people who would like to implement their own projects but feel discouraged by the difficult terms and standards of the application form.


The last activity of the meeting was also the final evaluation that was done with the following method: each participant will have a chance to speak about his/her experience during the meeting having 3 glasses in front of the. One glass was empty, one had orange liquid in it and the other one was filled with water. Everybody had to pour liquids into the empty glass: the water was meant for the good experiences, while the orange liquid was for the bad ones. Lastly, the participants visited a traditional floating market.


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