“A group of 24 selected students from Mircea Scarlat Pedagogical High School (Alexandria, Romania) started a project called People like you, people like me, having the following objectives in mind: better knowledge on the European Union and its values; raising awareness among youngsters of the social, economic and political European context; developing communication skills; developing team-work skills; stimulating creativity. All of the points above were achieved in the making of a short theater play and the students managed successfully to share their talent and creativity and to understand the context they were in, giving the theme of the play.


Teacher Eliza Sotirescu – the coordinator of the project – said: «Because of the fact that more and more families are forced to abandon their homes in war time, a certain need occurs to explain to people who are the refugees and just why they are in need of protection. Youngsters are the future of Europe. Their talent, energy and creativity will help Europe to acknowledge and figure out solutions to the management of migration. The situation of hundreds of thousands of people who leave their country, victims of war and poverty has a powerful impact on the society and economy.

The students of Mircea Scarlat cherish the fact that they live in an united Europe, in which they are citizens with certain rights and in which they are able to move freely in the society, having freedom of expression. With the motivation of gathered information on refugees in Europe, the project has the main purpose of creating a raising awareness campaign on the migration problem in an artistic way, in order to underline the direct impact of migration on the future of European citizens and on the society in general. We hope to inspire a healthy attitude towards this and a wish of involvement in combating the problem.»”



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