Act for Health by Ioana Borsan. Her project is about Nutritional Education. Facing the issue that people are dying or have a lot of problems because of non-healthy alimentation, she wants to promote healthy lifestyles and a proper alimentation with no fat products, starting to work in high schools. Here’s what she did:


“One of the greatest development opportunity I had this year was taking part for one week in a project manager training in Codlea, Brasov thanks to A.C.T.O.R. – Bucharest. During these 7 days I have learned about SDGs and the most important things you have to take into consideration when you organize a project. Also, as the organizers where so professional, friendly and good, the team they consolidated was one of the best teams I took part in. After the training was ended, all the participants had to implement the project they wrote about one of the SDGs’ in the application form and at which they worked during that week.

My project was regarding to the third SDG: Good Health and Well-Being. In 30th of September I organized a conference about the factors that influence our health, well-being.          

I choose to make this event in a high school because I strongly believe the education of the new generations will lead to a better environment, society.                                                                 

With the help from a nutritionist, I could inform more people about the importance of the products we use, even if we ingest them or just put them on our skin.

The hosting high school was the National College “ Unirea “ – Brasov. Around 100 teenagers were informed about the third SDGs and how they can build a better lifestyle just by replacing the unhealthy products with a proper nourishment.


The impact among girls was pretty big when we came to speak about cosmetics,. They never thought cosmetics can damage your body so much by their  sickly ingredients.

The chapter in which we presented the unlikely parts about radiations wasn’t less interesting. Thanks to the feed-back forms we discovered that teens weren’t informed at all about the negative part of the cell-phones, wireless and other electromagnetic fields.

Unfortunately, the time was too short for a bigger information conference because of the complexity of the topic. The good part is that I remained in touch with the nutritionist and he would like to continue to make events like this in more schools. The next step is to develop the concept of the conference. Without taking part in this training I didn’t even dare to think to organize a seminar like this.

Due to this great period I discovered myself  better and the things I want to do in the future.

In conclusion, the organization of an event like this was a great experience for me because I developed a lot, I have learnt a lot  and the most important thing, I informed the youth about what should they avoid in order to have a healthy lifestyle.” – Ioana Borșan


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  1. Earthwind
    January 5, 2017 at 10:29 pm #

    Very valid, pithy, succtnci, and on point. WD.

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