On the 7th of July 2016, during the  Youth in Action for Sustainable Development Goals Training Course in Romania, the participants from Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, France and Nepal had some good hours to spend in Brașov, which they used to interact with people in the city. 


At first, they all received some pictures with the SDGs logos. Their task was going around the city centre of Brașov and trying to interact with people, first asking for a selfie with them and the logo and then trying to explain the meaning of the picture, asking what they knew about SDGs and explaining about the Training Course and their project.


To motivate them the facilitators announced a competition among them about the number of selfies, asking at least 20 selfies from each of them or from the team, according to their choice of being alone or in group. They actually made up strategies and talked to a lot of groups of people, from students to elders, police and venders.


The contest was tight with the exception of the team Spela-Christina who won the competition with an astounding number of over 50 selfies.


They enjoyed Brașov because for them was interesting and funny at the same time going around, asking for pictures and explaining the meaning of SDGs. They experienced the contact with the Romanian community in Brasov speaking English or asking for the help of some Romanian volunteers came there with them for this purpose.


In general the feedback was really positive, but about SDGs the result was that just some foreign tourists knew about the meaning of SDGs and almost none from Romania knew it.


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