•  Act for Health by Ioana Borsan. Her project is about Nutritional Education. Facing the issue that people are dying or have a lot of problems because of non-healthy alimentation, she wants to promote healthy lifestyles and a proper alimentation with no fat products, starting to work in high schools.


  • Aquaponics by Nikos Doumpas. His project starts with the issue that people are not aware of the costs of the food production; consequently they don’t have sustainable behaviors. His proposal is to create a in a school a mini-sustainable ecosystem starting from the production of fish and plants in order to provide them their own food, learn how to create this system, cooperate among them and avoid the waist of food in a sustainable way.


  • Connecting People for Sustainable Living by Erika Udovic. Facing the problem of a lot old and abandoned countryside houses in Bulgaria because people are moving to the cities, she wants to renovate them in a sustainable way using the work camp method and applying the DYT project. This renovate area will become a place where to share knowledge and traditions, but also a place where to speak about sustainability and been involved on this topic keeping people in countryside and producing food locally.


  • Equal Life by Ivanka Moskova. Her project his about theatre made by people with disabilities with local youth. The impact will be to raise the awareness about disabilities, connect daily centers with schools, change the mind of youngsters about disabilities and integrate disable people.


  • Education 4 All by Petya. Her project aims to integrate and empower immigrants using non-formal education methodology.


  • Changing Mentality by Stiliani Sakonidou. Her project is about commuted oriented actions in order to change mentality of people about disable people, cooperating with refugees and NGOs. In this way disable people will be active to help refugees and other minorities and it will also change the wrong opinion about them that sometime people have. Disable people are not the only one to be helped, but can also help other people.


  • Refugee Crisis among European Values by Ruxandra Medintu. Her project is about a caravan theatre for youngster trying to involve them not only in theatre, but also on the topic of refugee problem. First they will have to do a research about the topic, then they will have to realize the script and all necessary things in order to create their performance and then there will be the show on a caravan, which means it could reach more places and more people.


  • Everyday Sexism by Spela Vukajnk. Facing the issue of sexism viewed as something ordinary and normal, she wants to raise awareness about this topic doing some interviews, sharing the collected stories and showcasing the results.


  • Establish Child Network and Promote Child Education by Jiban Katwal. His project aims to increase child education introducing and improving the activities offered to children in schools, improving infrastructures, increasing teachers-parents relationship and developing read club, sport club, science blub, etc…


  • Reaching the Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health Through Gender Lens by Bidhya Basnet. She would like to address her project to adolescents, creating adolescents centres where they can find the information they need. Adolescent fertility rate, average age of marriage and maternal mortality are a huge problem in Nepal. Tha’s why she would like to create round table of discussion and a sensibility program in the schools about this topic






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