The project Youth in Action for the Sustainable Development Goals – YiA4SDGs is an international collaboration in between 9 partner organizations from Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. YiA4SDGs strongly focuses on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by involving young people with innovative and youthful approach, through a concrete supporting system and a modern platform to encourage, connect and empower this specific target group to support the achievement of the SDGs. The project’s main fields to be tackled are: Youth participation, Sustainable Development Goals and Capacity-building.


The Kick-Off meeting was organized to clarify and reaffirm the common understanding of YiA4SDG’s concept among partners. The meeting was hosted by PINA organization, based in Slovenia, Izola from 3 – 5 May to ensure all the objectives will be met after the meeting. The following outcomes, therefore, are set to be achieved:



a) mutual understanding on the project and its management plan;

b) concrete understanding on the Sustainable Development Goals;

c) action plan to be developed among partner organizations;

d) mutual agreement on coordinating and contributing to the project’s goals;


a) final version of Project Management;

b) action Plan of the project;

c) report of the meeting;


Sesion 1: Presentation of YiA4SDGs & Presentation of Partner Organizations

Sesion 2: Workshop on SDGs

Sesion 3: ICT for Youth

Sesion 4: Project management & Action Plan Development

Sesion 5: Training Course Development

slovenia-2-5-mai-2016-yia4sdg-228 slovenia-2-5-mai-2016-yia4sdg-46


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